Success Stories

“At Telit, we are always on the lookout for new, exciting and effective solutions. This is why we were highly interested in AD Protect by Javelin Networks, introduced to us by Dor Amit & Yossi Sassi. After several short days of a proof of concept process where we have seen the value of the solution, the decision was very easy. We quickly covered the company endpoints with a unique and effective security layer. At almost zero impact in performance and productivity, we gain an important capability of addressing advanced attacks with much better tools in our arsenal and reduce dramatically man hours required to respond to incidents.”
Itzik Menashe
VP IT & Information Security, IT
“Sapiens, a global leader in innovative software for the insurance industry invests comprehensively in information and cyber security. Our risk management program ensures proper prioritization of risks and treatment plans Amit, Ten Root Co-founder, Sapiens is leveraging CrowdStrike Preempt to comprehensively cover our global Active Directory, gain full visibility and security controls to minimize risks.

Dor Amit from Ten Root took the lead on this highly important project and brought Ten Root and his extensive experience to execute such a global and complicated project, providing Sapiens an important layer of security. Sapiens wish to thank Ten Root for their commitment and contribution in this project. Well done!”
Mor Asher
Chief Information Security Officer
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