Success Stories

PassportCard Labs, the DavidShield Group’s Insuretech company considers securing our customers’ data
While allowing our business continuity top priorities.
As such, we put our best efforts on keeping up to date with all cyber security manners and state of the art solutions.
Having said that, engaging with 10Root spotlighted one of the most valuable assets that requires
Cyber security attention – Active Directory.
It would be fair to admit that the vast built-in vulnerabilities we found out that AD contains by using RisX, left us amazed.
By professionally assessing our environment and our threats, Dor and the team
not only walked us through executing immediate critical actions to effectively lower our exposure, but also created
a hand in hand long term mitigation plan to ensure future protection.
As the never ending battle of BlackHats vs WhiteHats continues, having trusted partners on our side
Surely boosts our readiness and our capabilities and 10Root is by all means one of them.
Yoni Maman
VP, Cyber Security & IT Infrastructures
Tower Semiconductor Ltd., a leading manufacturer of high value analog semiconductor solutions, was looking to increase its cyber resiliency and reduce risk by implementing a zero-trust security.
Out of many solutions and products, we found that Preempt (Crowdstrike Falcon Zero trust) has the most comprehensive and holistic solution for Zero trust in the Active Directory realm.
With the professional help of 10Root, we were able to install and configure Preempt in an extremely short time to gain visibility we never had before.
We have deep insight on every user activity and risk classification that allows us to respond faster to security risks.
Preempt provides us control over each privileged access in our Active Directory allowing us to enforce strict access rules and policies in real time.

I would like to thank 10Root for their hard work and commitment.
Eytan Buchbinder
Director of Information Security
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