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Finaro is a global cross-border payment provider empowering international commerce through brilliantly simple payments.
Cyber Risks Management is our top priority to ensure
our clients get the top-notch solution without compromising
on Security & privacy, and we are constantly investing and implementing the leading cyber security solutions available as well as next-generation innovative solutions
that keeps us one step ahead of malicious threat actors.

RISX - the security posture Analytics Solution
developed in 10ROOT by Dor, and the Team has been giving us
unique insights regarding unfamiliar Attack paths and derived risks mainly in AD and helped us design the remediation path with the minimal operational impact.
10Root implemented the attacker mindset into the product, which gives a probing perspective different and rather effective than the traditional controls approach.
Oren Gur
BYON is a leading project management consulting company which specializes among others in risk management: strategic, operational and project risk management as well as business continuity risk management.
When Dor Amit and 10Root's team of cyber experts gave me a demo of their RISX solution I was impressed by its capabilities to detect vulnerabilities across all IT and cloud assets and prioritize them in real time.
These capabilities are crucial for us and our clients therefore we have decided to adopt the solution. Along with 10Root's professional support RISX is really reducing the risks our clients are facing in all the layers of their activity.
Boris Yaniv
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