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Semiconductor Devices (SCD), is a leading global supplier of Infrared Detectors and Laser Diodes.
In a world of cybersecurity, and as a high technology leader in our industry, we are always seeking tools which will allow us to be more efficient and to provide a secured work environment. Therefore, we have chosen RISX as a new and successful solution. RISX examines cyber risks in the organization, using the smart management concept.
The tool is composed of several modules that provide a broad and functional view, with a full report and a work plan that will be prioritized according to criticality.
All of this with the support of the professional team in 10root, a team that works with the customer “hand in hand” towards successful implementation, with vast knowledge and commitment to the project.
Einat Wolff
CHRO, IT & Safety
Mimun Yashir, part of Tzur Shamir Group, is the leading non-bank consumer credit company in Israel.
As a financial institute Cyber Risks are prioritized from both regulation & business model perspective.
Our clients & suppliers data is the most important asset and we save no efforts to ensure its integrity & confidentiality.
RISX - 10Root's security posture Analytic Solution was love from first sight! unlike similar products which are successful at identifying problems, RISX allow us to prioritized the vulnerabilities & misconfigurations using a Risk Score and make them actionable by indicating detailed solution path. The metrics probing by Risx also reflect the residual risk by identifying clever attack paths using an attacker like mindset with the unique logic defined by Dor and the 10Root Team.
The report generated by the tool is simple and very intuitive even for technical decision makers which are not necessarily highly technical hands on.
Sefi Doron
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