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Epsilor – Electric Fuel is a globally-recognized developer and manufacturer of smart batteries, charging systems and wearable power and communication systems for high reliability applications.
Dor Amit and the team from 10Root presented to us the solution for the RISK system.
After a quick installation, the installed system produced a file, a simple report to use.
The detailed report contained a great deal of information, including a detailed explanation of the risks discovered and the solution to correcting these risks, mainly to Active Directory.
The RISK system gave us a simple, fast solution with minimal effort on the part of the IT personnel. The system greatly enhanced the arsenal of products that monitor our IT system and reduced the need for manpower to perform the tests.
Ronen Badichi
Haaretz group contain from the major activity as an independent daily newspaper running both print and digital media addressing also in English.

As being part of the media sector - Cyber Risks are prioritized from both regulation & business model perspective.
Data is one of our most important asset and we invest efforts to ensure its integrity & confidentiality

10Root's security management Solution RISX for AD presented to us by Dor is an elegant & effective tool that helped us identify Active directory associated risks, prioritize them and suggest the best course of action to achieve optimal mitigation.

The tool has no agents or special software dependencies which reduces operational overhead and the implementation is very easy and relative fast.
The report generated by the tool is simple and helpful. It is very intuitive even for technical decision makers which are not necessarily highly technical hands on.
Asaf reshef
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