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Cyber College

Ten Root provides a platform for training and coaching in cyber security. Our goal: to “train the trainer.” We offer on-site training in cyber schools and at organizations in Israel and abroad. Using sophisticated cyber scenarios designed, developed, and thoroughly tested by our expert team, our cyber college training courses give Information Security (InfoSec) and IT teams the opportunity to “experience” various cyber threats using lab technology, simulations, and advanced tools. Through this real-world experience and by analyzing a range of cyber scenarios in real time, trainees acquire and build their own capabilities to identify, detect, manage and combat — diverse cyber attacks. Ten Root college participants benefit from developing professional defense, forensics, and penetration examination skills, including understanding system vulnerabilities to effectively strengthen their organization’s defense system.


Professional Services

We don’t ask Will an organization be infiltrated? But rather When will the infiltration happen?, How well is the organization prepared for the event?, Is it protected from systemic damage?, and How quickly will the organization recover? We don’t simply appear on the scene when an event occurs. We accompany our clients at every stage of the organization’s risk management plan, especially during the critical “before” stage when the current systems are reviewed and best-case/worst-case are determined. We work with our clients to build a cyber defense strategy that will pass the organizations’ active directory assessments, penetration tests, and vulnerability testing by red teams (real-world attack simulations).


Cyber Solutions

We go beyond diagnosing vulnerabilities by formulating a whole-enterprise defense strategy, which includes program implementation with unique embedded products to add value to the organization. Our focus is not on selling a one-size-fits-all solution but providing practical, powerful solutions to meet the requirements and the threats our customers face. Products such as Broadcom’s Threat Defense for Active Directory (TDAD), Preempt, MINERVA, and others are at the top of the technology offering, not off-the-shelf products, to protect an organization’s active directories and endpoint detection and response (EDR) stations.


Custom R&D

Our security experts work closely with organizations to provide tailored solutions. If the products your organizations needs do not exist in the market, fail to meet your requirements, do not meet your challenge, we can develop a unique solution that is designed specifically to meet your needs.
We will guide you through the entire process –
• analyzing the organization,
• assessing the threats,
• offering recommendations based on our analysis and assessment,
• developing a strategy and plan,
• procuring the products, and
• implementing the solution.
We are a trusted partner and advisor and understand our role in working with and assisting our customers.


Incident Response

In the past year, Ten Root has stopped and quickly contained some of the most sophisticated and powerful cyber-attacks in Israel and abroad. The professionals on our cyber event response team deliver an immediate response to minimize the impact, minimize the exposure, and guide a timely and effective recovery. The company’s incident response services provide organizations with immediate initial response protection against an attack and prevention of it spreading deeper within an organization to secure significant assets.


Cyber Physical Security

Ten Root is a trusted advisor and service provider of C-level,IT, and Information Security (InfoSec) teams. As a cyber services company, we provide high-end cyber solutions and incident response support to international organizations in government, defense, finance, and the security industries. We apply our attacker mindset to develop an enterprise-wide strategy and program for defending (and thwarting) cyber-attacks. We work with organizations to prepare, build, and improve their readiness to respond to attacks.

Physical Security

why us?

Our Anticipatory Approach

It’s the combination of the right mindset with an extensive skillset.

Whether it’s low-tech or the highest tech, we’re here for your cyber resiliency. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations to build better defenses with our Red vs. Blue teams approach, successfully limiting the impact of a global cyber event. Our approach is to conceive and deliver high-value cyber resiliency strategies for an organization’s technologies, people & processes, today – and tomorrow.

Broad International Experience

One of the reasons why C-Level executives from 4 continents around the world seek our consultations is due to our rich experience in high-profile and complex projects, as well as our reputation for an extremely high level of sophistication, creativity and customer satisfaction. We are purpose-driven. We remain focused on successfully achieving your mission.

Attacker Mindset

The chief information security officer (CISO) must achieve success in protecting the organization on every front, at any time, and in any location.

The attackers, on the other hand, only need to succeed ONCE. The CISO has limited budget and time.  The attackers do not have scope and other constraints. The CISO works according to rules, structures and regulation. Attackers exploit these processes. Many cyber professionals apply a checklist approach, ‘ticking off’ items in a systematic, “check list” style.  The attacker has thrown out the checklist. There are no rules. Our talented Ten Root white-hat hackers & InfoSec Researchers possess an advanced attacker state of mind. They’re on the offensive, interpreting the clues and staying alert to dynamic situations to prevent & quickly contain an attack, to give our YOU fair chance in a VERY unfair battle field.


Cyber Physical

We specialize in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and cyber physical systems (CPS) that are employed in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, chemical processes, civil infrastructure, energy, health care, manufacturing, and transportation.

Similar to the Internet of Things (IoT), CPS shares the same basic architecture. However, CPS introduces higher levels of integration and coordination between the physical elements and calculations. CPS, physics, and software components are deeply intertwined

It’s all about Trust

To most of our clients, we are not a service provider. We are their long-term trusted advisors.
They entrust us with the innermost workings (and secrets) of their organization, so that when the ‘Day of Judgment’ comes, we can quickly help them detect an attack early, mitigate it, and minimize its effects.

Who we are

We are the first phone call choice for hundreds of C-Level executives on 4 continents. Founded and led by a team of trained, extremely highly qualified white-hat hackers with programming skillset, and military-classified security experts, we bring intimate knowledge and a thorough understanding of what drives trust behind the world’s leading software and hardware.

We believe a serious cyber-attack is inevitable. This anticipation has propelled us to become a trusted advisor to organizations and enterprises involved in transportation, finance, government, defense, health care, civil infrastructure, and more.

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We are committed to the integration of physical security and information security as a trusted advisor to a broad range of sectors. Our substantial experience and industry know-how keep us ahead of the myriad changes in the IT and cyber security arenas.


Shachar Levy
An entrepreneur with wide-ranging experience in business and project management in the global security, cyber,
and HR industries, MBA.

sharon torati
Experienced leader with extensive experience in the security and cyber industries.
Excels in strategic decision-making and business management CPA, MBA

Yossi Sassi
Chief Security Architect
Seasoned H@ck3r, speaker, and InfoSec researcher with decades of experience in information security,
network protocols, and red team training.
Dor Amit
Design and implementation of complex cybersecurity solutions specialist. Highly experienced in providing consulting
automation, and technical training services to high-profile organizations.

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