A cyber event is inevitable.
A wide-ranging cyber event can be certainly avoided.

get a decent chance
on an unfair battlefield

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why us?

We hold a broad international experience in 4 continents
We are long-term trusted advisor of hundreds of C-Level executives
We practice a combination of understanding of attacker mindset with an extensive White ^ haכk3rs skills
We are highly experienced in Incident Response
We employ SCADA & CPS experts
We utilize unique, robust, proprietary developed state-of-art professional tools
We offer in-house custom R&D services


Many cyber professionals take the checklist approach, ticking off’items in a systematic manner. Attackers have thrown out the rules - and the checklists.
Our talented Ten Root white-hat hackers and infosec researchers, their attacker state of mind, remain on the offensive, interpreting the clues and staying alert to dynamic situations to prevent — and quickly contain - an attack, to give our clients a fair chance on an unfair battlefield.
Organizations protect on every front, at any time, in any location
Attackers, on the other hand, need to succeed only once
The CISO act according to rules and regulations
Attackers exploit these processes
The CISO has limited budget and time
The Attackers do not have scope and other constraints

Who we are

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We are the first phone call choice for hundreds of C-Level executives on 4 continents

Success Stories

With the professional help of 10Root, we were able to install and configure Preempt in an extremely short time to gain visibility we never had before.
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At the age where cyber threats are increasing regularly and the risks are too great to ignore, I see the Active directory as the most valuable asset in every organization, especially in financial organizations, keeping sensitive customers' data.
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At Telit, we are always on the lookout for new, exciting and effective solutions. This is why we were highly interested in AD Protect by Javelin Networks, introduced to us by Dor Amit & Yossi Sassi.
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Our global Active Directory, gain full visibility and security controls to minimize risks. Dor Amit from Ten Root took the lead on this highly important project and brought Ten Root and his extensive experience to execute such a global and complicated project, providing Sapiens an important layer of security.
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